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Digital Signage is better, easy, and free. Why not use it?

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One thing that it appears so many businesses can benefit from is digital signage. You know, those signs you see and can’t help but look at? The ones that play videos, music, change on the fly. What you might not know is with the right software and setup, you only have to put in some time to configure and buy a TV.

What I’ve used in the past and recommend for most small business digital signage is LG’s SuperSign software. Specifically SuperSign Lite.

SuperSign lite is a free version of LG’s enterprise digital signage software. The free version has a few limitations, but they hard affect a small business. The main limitations in their software are only one user and max of 50 signs. With most small businesses, that is not a big deal.

To implement the digital signage you can buy an LG TV that supports it out of the box, typically only costing maybe $100 more than a regular tv the same size. I would recommend this since it is the easiest way to do it. Alternatively, you can hook up a PC (even a $50 mini-PC) to any TV and get the same results. Just requires an extra power plug and some extra configuration on the PC your attaching to the TV.

lg supersign w lite digital signage user interface

Just install the SuperSign software on a PC on the network, add your display’s, and the rest is pretty straightforward. You can setup menu’s, videos, announcements, etc. One of the most useful features is the scheduling and obvious advertising possibilities.  A really great benefit is it is web-based, so anyone on your network can access the SuperSign software via a web browser, as long as they have a login.

Now, if you find some of the limitations of the Lite version to be an issue, like only having 1 user/role, then there is something you can do about that. SuperSign uses a postgres database, that you can access. They store user accounts in a few tables, along with roles. If you were to add this information directly into the database, you would then have more users that can login to the server, with more roles.

To gain access tot he postgres database that SuperSign uses, run pgAdmin that got installed along with SuperSign software. If you click “Connect” on the postgres database it will ask you for the postgres user password. To get around that, you need to open the pg_hba.conf file that is in the C:\SuperSignServer\PostgreSQL\9.1\data folder. Find the md5 texts and replace with “trust” without the “. Right click and stop/restart the Postgres SQL server in pgAdmin. Now try and login with no password. It should work. Go and add a role or two with a password you do know, then change the “trust” back to md5 for security.

lg supersign w lite digital signage md5

Ok, so you have access to the SuperSign database. Where do you go to add another user with a role? There are two tables you need to modify.

Go to the tb_user, copy the entire Admin row, past it, then modify the name fields and ID (first field). For example change “1” to “2”.
Then make your way back to tb_userrole. Add a user role that matches the user role you put in the new tb_user table. I blieve the ID’s go from like 1-6.  For example, lets say you did “2”. So the 3 columns in tb_userrole would be all 2’s.

lg supersign w lite digital signage database

Now pull up your web browser and login to the SuperSign page, except use the new username and password.  If you used 2 as the user role, when you login with this new user, you will see they are not an Admin, but a “Content Manager”.

lg supersign w lite digital signage

Well I hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any questions shoot me a message. The great thing about this software is once you get it configured, you really don’t have to touch it unless you want to update things.

To download LG SuperSign Lite, go to their official site here: